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Doesn't Your Pet Deserve It?

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Why Use A Pet Sitter?

Advantages For Your Pet:


·         Reduced Stress. Your pet stays in it's own familiar secure environment where all the sights, smells, and sounds say "Home!"

·         Diet and Exercise. Customary diet and exercise routines are followed, with no interruption to upset your pet.

·         No "Travel" Trauma. Travel in a vehicle to a relative's home, a boarding facility or kennel may upset your pet.

·         Health Concerns. With a pet sitter, there is minimal exposure to illness of other animals.

·         TLC. Most importantly, your pet receives love and personal attention while you are away.


Advantages For You:


·         Travel. You won't be inconveinienced or upset by transporting your pet.

·         No Imposition. You don't have to impose on a friend, neighbor, or relative to care for your pet. Instead, you can rely on a pet care professional who will put your pet's needs first.

·         Security. Your home is made more secure by the crime deterrent services provided by most pet sitting services.

·         Peace of Mind. While you're away, you can feel confident your pet is in capable hands.

·         Special Services. Pet sitters can provide additional home services while caring for your pet, such as watering plants and bringing in the mail.

Initial Consultation


When you call, we can set up an interview in your home at your convenience, evening and weekends too, free of charge. During this visit, a detailed client profile will be created to ensure consistent and accurate care of your pets and home. You will receive a service rate sheet, references and a copy of my insurance and bonding papers for your records.You can then introduce us to your pets and show us around your home. We can also obtain a copy of your house key. It’s very important to us that you feel comfortable leaving your pets and home in our care. We always treat homes with the respect and privacy that we would expect of anyone providing a service in our homes.










Daily Dog Walks & Overnights


How To Get Started

How to get started with your pets care, it’s really quite easy, just follow these simple steps:


·         Give A Walk With Jen, Inc. a call 240-793-4646 and we will arrange a convenient time to come to your home and meet you and your pet – no charge.

·         We will fill out an information form so we can properly care for your pets while you are away or at work.

·         You will then provide us with either: two keys, a garage door opener, a garage code or some other form of entry to your house while you are gone.

·         One key is for the pet sitter and the other will be secured at our office in case of an emergency.

·         Try to give me at least 24-48 hours in advance of your departure or days your pet needs a break when you go into work, to schedule services.

·         We understand life is unpredictable and last minute changes do happen, just give us a call and we will try my best to fit your pet in as soon as I can.


That’s all there is to it. Once you’re on file with us, you need only to give us a call to schedule your service. Don’t worry if your return is delayed, traffic is bad, a last minute meeting, or a family emergency, my service continues until we KNOW that you are back.