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Welcome To Billing.....



I am available 7am-10pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a years, which includes holidays. Since I just started this company in March of 2006, I have been very busy thanks to the constant support of my customers and getting busier by the day. But do not worry, your pets will always be well cared for, no matter what.



Daily Dog Walks






For overnight stay services please leave check on counter in full before you leave. For long-term service, such as regular weekly dog walks, please leave a check or money on counter on Thursdays for the whole week. If payment is behind for more then two weeks services will stop until payment is recieved. I only accept cash or checks. A returned check fee of $25 will be charged on all returned checks. A finance charge of 15% will apply each 30 days payment is past due.


Daily Dog Walks

Please Have A Key Ready


When using our services we ask for either a key*, a garage code or a garage door opener**, in order for us to enter the house when you are away. Allowing me to retain a key to your home ensures you are able to make reservations over the phone or by e-mail whenever you require my services. This is particularly useful when you have to work late unexpectedly, or when you need to leave town on short notice. (It also comes in handy if you return late or ever get locked out.) A $10 fee will be charged to constantly pick up a key and another $10 fee to return it to you.

*Preferably two for emergency purposes, i.e. keys locked in house, etc.

**With garage codes and garage door openers only, if doors are locked and we do not have a key on file, you still will be charged for the visit.