A Walk With Jen, Inc.

Doesn't Your Pet Deserve It?

Welcome To Daily Visits.....

Daily visits are especially good for older animals who need medication during the day while you are at work, puppies who need to eat three meals a day for the first year, or for cats and other animals who may be left alone when you are away. When you use our services you will be able to relieve some of the stress in your life and enjoy more of the fun times with your pet.

Doesn't your pet deserve it?

      "Coco & Yum-Yum"           "Mac"        "Winston"     "Moore Fish"

Add Some Extra Fun

Add some fun to your pets life by showing them how much you care. We don't have to just walk for the visit we can play ball, give lots of TLC and brushing, or work on commands. We are here to accommodate both the owner and the pet's needs to the best of our ability.


Daily Dog Walks

Daily Visits?

Most of our daily visits are used by people with dogs who work long hours, have long commutes, or go to school during the day and can't be there to let their pets out during the day so that they can do there business, enjoy the fresh air and much needed play time. But daily visits are not just for dogs anymore! If you are going away and you want someone to look in on your cats, small animals, ferrets, reptiles, even horses and other livestock. We offer daily visits for them too. As an alternative to boarding your cat or dog at the kennel, as well as leaving other pets unattended, I will provide care through one or multiple daily visits to your home. During these visits, I will change and clean water bowls/bottles, provide fresh food, tend to litter boxes/cages, clean up any indoor/outdoor messes, and administer medication, if necessary. Your pet receives lots of love, play, and personal attention during each visit.

To maintain an occupied appearance of your home, while you are away, my service includes bringing in mail and newspapers, watering indoor/outdoor potted plants, garbage and recycling to/from curb on pickup day, and alternating lights and curtains/blinds.

Friends & Neighbors

Do you have friends or neighbors with dogs? Dogs are pack animals and THRIVE on connection with their fellows. Give your dog the gift of a “sibling” a few times a week without having to actually care for another dog in your home! If you and your neighbors enjoy your pets together why not have them walked together. We appreciate any refferals from past or present clients and we will offer both of you 10% off a week of service, just for telling a friend.