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Doesn't Your Pet Deserve It?

Welcome To Overnight Stays...

Pet sitters will arrive one to two hours after you have left and after a thorough house check we leave an hour before you arrive back home. We also encourage owners to call while they are away, we understand how important your pets are to you and we love telling you how well they are doing so please never hesitate to call.

"Andy & Maggie"

Dog Walks & Overnight Stays

What Is Pet Sitting?

Pet Sitting is complete, LOVING pet care IN YOUR HOME. Your Pet Sitter cares for both your pets and your home every day that you're away. Pet sitting is a positive, loving alternative to boarding your pets, and gives you peace of mind that someone responsible is watching over your home.

Pet sitting reduces stress on your pets because they stay in their own home environment. Pets maintain their usual diet and exercise routine. Your pets don't stay in a cage during your absence. There is no exposure to illnesses from other animals.

No traveling to and from the boarding facility. You have a responsible person who LOVES caring for your pets. Your home is made more secure by the crime-deterrent measures provided by a pet sitter. Most of all, your pet receives lots of LOVE and ATTENTION while you are away.

"Dalai & Kate"

Dog Walks & Overnights

For Your Pet

Pet care in your home while you travel

Minimum of four daily dog walks, playtime, TLC and brushing while you work or have other commitments

Pet transportation to the vet or groomer

Feed and change water daily

Errands for pet supplies and food

Medication administered

Pet clean ups and litter box changes

For Your House

Check mail

Pick up newspaper

Bring in packages

Water and feed indoor/ outdoor plants as needed

Take in and out trash and recycling cans on pick up days

Alter lights and window treatments